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What's New?

The following is a list of the major changes to this web, with the most recent changes shown first:

July 2013
Earl and Della in photos (by Meg Crockett-Clegg)

June 2013
Biography of Earl and Della Crockett - Their Lives and the Lives of their Ancestors (by Meg Crockett-Clegg)

March 2013
An e-mail from Meg Crockett-Clegg (Earl's daughter) on what would have been Earl's 110th birthday

October 2012
Added a "Bios" page of some ancestors

August 2012
Added a talk from Earl's funeral

November 2011
Earl is listed on wikipedia

January 2011
Added the Life Story of Ozro Crockett (written by Ruth)

June 2010
Added Della Comish funeral service and Clair Comish item

May 2010
Added "The Story of My Life", but George Francis Comish
Added some pictures and news clippings from Darius Biggs

February 2009
Put out a copy of Earl's thesis, broken down by chapters

January 2009
Updated the "stories" section with a linke to the Marian Joy Crockett Brereton site.

July 2008
Added the full copy of Earl's thesis (from David Crockett).

February 2008
Added an e-mail about Lydia Comish.

December 2005
Updated a Marian photo and the contacts e-mail list.

January 2005
Updated an "unknown" photos and some e-mail addresses.

April 22, 2004
Added newspaper article from David Crockett

May 13, 2003
E-mail from Meg Crockett

January 5, 2003
Added life history of Marian Joy Crockett Brereton

November 14, 2002
Added a link with pictures of tombstones from the Isle of Man

November 2, 2002
Added a link about a visit by Bruce and Doug Brereton to the Isle of Man

September 26, 2002
Added a map of the Parishes on the Isle of Man

September 19, 2002
Added more retirement letters

September 1, 2002
Added more retirement letters

August 26, 2002
Added more retirement letters

August 19, 2002
Added more retirement letters

July 27, 2002
Added more letters/etc.

July 7, 2002
Added more retirement letters
Is there a God! - Newspaper Article

June 22, 2002
Added more letters

June 7, 2002
Items from Earl
Ruth Clarkson Crockett Journal, 1942

June 1, 2002
Added more letters

May 24, 2002
Added more stories

May 5, 2002
Added interview from Ben Lewis

May 1, 2002
Added interviews section

April 28, 2002
Added some photos of David

April 19, 2002
Added item about Byron "Whizzer" White

April 10, 2002
Thanks to Margy we have more corrections to the 50 Glorious Years document
Added a few more photos: Bob, Margaret, Earl
Added new stories

April 5, 2002
Updated the information about the BYU Archive
Added new stories

March 28, 2002
Genealogy updates about the Comish's
Tombstone of Della's grandparents
Added new stories

March 24, 2002
Added new stories

March 20, 2002
Added photos of Della and more photos of Earl and Della together
Photos from George and Margaret Comish's 50th Anniversary
Added a few new photos: Family (1940, 1950), Marian, and others
Included some more stories

March 14, 2002
More stories

March 9, 2002
Retirement poems

March 7, 2002
Added some letters
Photo with the homecoming royalty

March 3, 2002
Retirement letters

March 2, 2002
Updated some information on the Genealogy page
Added Vinalhaven page

February 26, 2002
Added more stories
Added quite a few more photos and reorganized these a bit

February 24, 2002
Added more stories
Updated the photos of homes

February 22, 2002
Added more stories
News clippings: Crockett Reunion and Starting at BYU

February 17, 2002
Added more photos for: Marian, Dave, Margy, the Family, and others

February 14, 2002
Added more news clippings

February 12, 2002
Profession Life
CU Committees
Address given at Church College of Hawaii, December 1964
Added more news clippings

February 5, 2002
Added more stories

February 2, 2002
Added more stories

January 31, 2002
Finished the 50 Glorious Years document (still needs to be edited)

January 27, 2002
Added some more unknown photos
Added two items in Stories
More news clippings

January 21, 2002
Added some more Robert photos
Letter from Spencer W. Kimball
More news clippings

January 12, 2002
Added some more stories

January 6, 2002
Added some photos of Earl's parents and siblings
Added more stories

January 5, 2002
More home pictures and trip pictures

January 1, 2002
Added more photos from EDC

December 31, 2001
Added new articles:
Public Relations Department Resignation Announcement in February 1968
Education, A Family Responsibility

December 27, 2001
Initial website

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