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Added JULY 12, 2013:
Earl and Della in photos (by Meg Crockett)

Added JUNE 9, 2013:
Biography of Earl and Della Crockett - Their Lives and the Lives of their Ancestors (by Meg Crockett)

Added MAY 13, 2013:
An e-mail from Meg Crockett (Earl's daughter) on what would have been Earl's 110th birthday

Added AUGUST 1, 2012:
A talk given at Earl's funeral by Clinton Wiest (December 5, 1975)

Added NOVEMBER 30, 2011:
Earl is listed on wikepedia

Added JANUARY 28, 2011:
Life story of Ozro Crockett, written by Ruth (Earl's father)

Added JUNE 22, 2010:
Funeral Service for Della Comish Crockett
Group picture of Clair Comish and an obituary for Reta Comish

Added MAY 31, 2010:
THE STORY OF MY LIFE - by George Francis Comish

Added JULY 14, 2008:
Updated the copy of Earl's PhD Thesis - The History of California Labor Legislation, 1910-1930. Now it is broken down into chapters (for faster downloading).

Added JANUARY 5, 2009:
Added a link to a site for Marian Joy Crockett Brereton

Added JULY 14, 2008:
The full copy of Earl's PhD Thesis - The History of California Labor Legislation, 1910-1930, sent in from his son, David Crockett (This is the full file, but takes a while to download)

Added FEBRUARY 19, 2008:
Lydia Comish, E-mail from Jane Brereton Brady

Added APRIL 22, 2004:
Newspaper item sent from David Crockett about the new movie: Alamo

Added MAY 13, 2003:
E-mail from Meg Crockett

Added JANUARY 5, 2003:
Life Story of Marian Joy Crockett

Added SEPTERMBER 19, 2002:
Retirement Letter - John T. Bernhard
Retirement Letter - J. Reuben Clark, III
Retirement Letter - Richard L. Evans
Retirement Letter - Louise Hall
Retirement Letter - Conan and Arminta Mathews
Retirement Letter - Edwin B. Morrell
Retirement Letter - Chauncey C. Riddle
Retirement Letter - R. Max Rogers
Retirement Letter - Shirlene Schaap

Added SEPTERMBER 1, 2002:
Retirement Letter - Ariel and Arta Ballif
Retirement Letter - Stewart L. Grow
Retirement Letter - Wayne B. Hales
Retirement Letter - Ronald G. Hyde
Retirement Letter - Blaine R. Porter

Added AUGUST 26, 2002:
Retirement Letter - Reed H. Bradford
Retirement Letter - Antone K. Romney
Retirement Letter - Richard D. Poll
Retirement Letter - Weldon J. Taylor

Added AUGUST 19, 2002:
Retirement Letter - Armin J. Hill
Retirement Letter - Stephen R. Covey
Retirement Letter - Wesley P. Lloyd
Retirement Letter - Robert K. Thomas

Added JULY 27, 2002:
Letter from Earl's Parents (August, 1929)
Letter from Earl (September, 1968)
Where Ruth's Journals Went

Added JULY 7, 2002:
Retirement Letter - Tracy Hall (Chemistry Department)
Retirement Letter - Joseph Symons (Sociology Department)
Retirement Letter - Leonard Rice (Oregon College of Education)
Is there a God! - Newspaper Article

Added JUNE 22, 2002:
Retirement Letter - Virginia Cutler (University of Ghana)
Retirement Letter - Bill Siddoway
Letter to Dave

Added JUNE 7, 2002:
Items from Earl
Ruth Clarkson Crocket Journal, 1942

Added JUNE 1, 2002:
Letter from Ruth Crockett, 1929
Letter from Earl, 1933

Added MAY 24, 2002:
Letter from Ruth Crockett, 1932
Letter from Ruth Crockett, 1935
Letter from Earl, 1961

Added APR. 19, 2002:
Item about Byron "Whizzer" White

Added APR. 10, 2002:
Letter to Della, 1975
Searching for Crockett items at the BYU Library

Added APR. 5, 2002:
Family Letter, 1962

Added MAR. 28, 2002:
Crockett History
History of Crockett's in America
Davy Crockett Connection?
Robert Nephi Comish and Emma Jane Howland Story

Added MAR. 24, 2002:
Earl's PhD Thesis, 1931
Degree from the University of Utah, 1928
A Play of Earl's Life, when leaving Colorado University

Added MAR. 20, 2002:
Funerals: Della and Earl
A Message to BYU Home Study Students
Toast to Earl: Washington D.C., 1943

Added MAR. 14, 2002:
Acting President Experience
Lighting the "Y"

Added MAR. 9, 2002:
Retirement Poems, 1968
Letters from E. L. Wilkinson, '61, '63, '65, '68
Letter concerning Bob's death, 1961

Added MAR. 7, 2002:
BYU Sabbatical, 1968
Christmas Note from Hugh B. Brown, 1964

Added MAR. 3, 2002:
Retirement: BYU Board of Trustees Recognition
Retirement letters:
  - S. Dilworth Young
  - Senator Bennett
  - LeGrand Richards
  - Ray Beckham
  - Ernest Wilkinson
Thank-you letter from Earl

Added FEB. 26, 2002:
Letters sent at the time of Earl's death, 1975
Letters sent at the time of Bob's death, 1961
Letter about Lighting the "Y", 1975
Letter from Ernest Wilkinson, 1957

Added FEB. 24, 2002:
Letter from George Comish, 1949
Professor and Mrs. Frederick Bushee

Added FEB. 22, 2002:
Letter from University of North Dakota, 1934
Letter from University of California at Berkeley, 1931
Certificates, 1918, 1925, 1931

Added FEB. 12, 2002:
Professional Life
University of Colorado Committees
Address given at Church College of Hawaii, December 1964

Added FEB. 5, 2002:
Resignation Announcement, February 1968

Added FEB. 2, 2002:
Address to Graduates of College of Humanities, 1968
Colorado University, Robert L. Stearns Award
, 1951
Doctor of Laws honorary degree, 1968
B.Y.U. HAS MANY MEANINGS, September 1964
BYU Retirement Reception

Added JAN. 27, 2002:
Crockett-Brereton Tribune, July 1955 (Earl pulls Lynn's tooth)
Letter to BYU Parents

Added JAN. 20, 2002:
Letter from Spencer W. Kimball

Added JAN. 12, 2002:
Memories of My Father (by Margaret)
Memories of My Grandfather (by Donna Woolf)

Added JAN. 5, 2002:
List of items in the BYU archives
An Aspect of Practical Religion (from BYU archives)
An Economic Program For Peace (The Colorado Alumnus, March 1946)

Added DEC. 31, 2001:
Public Relations Department Resignation Announcement in February 1968 (from David)
Education, A Family Responsibility (from David)

Added DEC. 27, 2001:
Life's Joyous Excursions (from BYU archives)
Patriarchal Blessing (from BYU archives)
The Pacific Coast Strike of 1934 (from David)
Outline Biography (from BYU archives)
Wills, Trusts and Planned Property Ownership in Contemplation of Death (from David)
FIFTY GLORIOUS YEARS (scanned in by Eliza Brereton)

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