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Last update: June 2013

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What's New?

The following is a list of the major changes to this site:

June 2013: added information about the Newel Comish family on the home page.

May 2013: added bios for George Francis Comish & Margaret Biggs Comish

October 2012: added several Comish histories.

September 2011: added the "crockett clan" site (from David Crockett).

January 2011: added Ozro Crockett's life story (typed in by Donna Woolf).

March 2009: added information about Mary Sophia Reed Crockett (work by Jane Brady).

August 2007: updated the 1918 Ruth Clarkson journal (work by Eliza Brereton).

June 2007: the site has now been restored and it is back on the internet.

November 2005: added the Ruth Clarkson journal from 1918.

November 2005: added the Ruth Clarkson journal from 1942.

April 17, 2005: converted to a template.

April 4, 2005: moved to the new site and fixed some graphics.

1995: HTML Edtion.

1988: First Edition

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